This page is dedicated to new books and novellas in the Skyler Foxe Mystery series that I am currently working on.

The next book will be STONE COLD FOXE and once I’ve started working on it, I’ll post the first chapter here. Thanks for reading!


Is it wedding bells? The rocky road to marriage keeps high school English teacher Skyler Foxe on edge, yet his football-coach-fiancé Keith Fletcher seems far too cool by half. Still, as the nuptials draw near, strange things seem to be plaguing Skyler. Small things that seem like little accidents and coincidences. Until he receives a mysterious package that leads him to the inescapable conclusion that someone may be trying to kill him. Keith and the SFC put their heads together to investigate. The wedding day comes off without a hitch, and Keith and Skyler go off on their surprise honeymoon for a weekend cruise. But Sidney and the SFC, worried that Skyler is still in danger, follow and, rather than ruin Skyler’s one-and-only honeymoon, secretly hitch a ride. Can Sidney, Jamie, Rodolfo, Dave, and Philip keep out of sight and catch a killer before the cruise ends in murder? It’s the Scooby Gang to the rescue! What could possibly go wrong?