Young. Gay. Teaches High School. Solves Crimes. What’s Up With That?

appleThis romantic mystery series follows the teaching and unwitting sleuthing career of Skyler Foxe, high school English teacher. He’s a brand new teacher in his hometown of Redlands, California, concerned for his students and just hanging out with his friends. His best bud is a cop, trying to keep him out of trouble, but it’s not easy to balance difficult students, a sexy football coach, tricks, dance clubs…and murder!

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“The White Party in Palm Springs is the perfect setting for a mystery, and Haley Walsh captures it all perfectly with the right mix of wit and style! Skyler Foxe is becoming one of my favorite gay characters–this is a ‘don’t miss’ series.”–Greg Herren, award winning author of Murder in the Arts District and Dark Tide.

“Walsh is clever with the plot contrivances, excellent at creating screwball repartee and comic action with just enough edge of danger to keep it from getting too sweet.” Prism Book Alliance 

“Boys and Girls this is a true treat to read!”M/M Good Books Reviews

“This book delighted me! It was a wonderful mix of Mystery and fun!” –Bike Book Reviews